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Yo. This is Reno, obviously not answering the phone. If you knew how to call my phone in the first place, you sure as hell know how to leave a message. Oh, look. A beep, yo.




2009-07-23 02:33 am (UTC) (Link)

Sent Wednesday from Fandom Island, was a wooden crate marked in huge letters: FRAGILE, THIS SIDE UP, and HANDLE WITH CARE.

Ino didn't believe in taking chances here, after all.

Inside the crate, all insanely carefully packed, were:

- Two high-quality, medium-sized sun lamps
- High-quality potting soil
- One seedling tray was carefully marked with 'RADISHES'
- One seedling tray was carefully marked with 'PEAS'
- A notebook reminding him of how to take care of the both of them

The whole thing was topped off with the message of: TAKE CARE OF THEM, OR I'LL KILL YOU DEAD THREE TIMES OVER. AT MINIMUM. - Y.I.

It made her feel better, to do something good like that, after the crappy week it was shaping out to be.