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Yo. This is Reno, obviously not answering the phone. If you knew how to call my phone in the first place, you sure as hell know how to leave a message. Oh, look. A beep, yo.


Letter, Sent Late Tuesday Fandom-Time, Arriving Thursday or Friday (Probably)


2009-05-08 03:08 am (UTC) (Link)

Dear Reno,

It's Tuesday, and I miss you. I guess I wanted to start with the obvious ones?

So, I'm back home. Not home, really. I'm on Besaid. Besaid is pretty cool. It's where Yunie grew up. Everyone here used to be Yevonites, but they were also Crusaders -- the people that fought Sin themselves, when they could. The Crusaders even joined the Al Bhed for Operation Mi'ihen, so ... I mean, it went really really badly, but they were willing to trust that we were trying to help, before anybody thought we were okay. So I shouldn't be surprised, but I am. They joined the Youth League! Almost everybody, I mean. I think most of them started the Youth League.

Okay, so, the Youth League, those are the people saying that New Yevon shouldn't be in charge, and that the Machine Faction is pretty cool. I don't remember how much of all of this I've told you, so.

Anyway. I was all worried, but nobody seems to mind me staying here. I don't think I'm gonna be staying here, like, all the time? But I have a hut, and I put my stuff in it, so I have a home-of-sorts to come back to.

Pops is still on the ship, because Pops is stubborn as all get-out. He can visit me here if he needs to.

The downside: there aren't towers anywhere near Besaid (yet!!) -- so I didn't have a signal last night, or one today. Today we're Taking the Day Off. Everyone assumes that I'm all tired and jet-lagged. I'm not, but if I take the day off, then Yunie will, too, and she needs it. We're headed off to Guadosalam tomorrow, unless Kilika was first? I'm not sure. I'll keep my phone with me, promise.

Wakka is gonna watch Petey whenever I have to be off with Yunie. Petey warmed right up to him. It's adorable. The little kids in town love him, too. (Petey, I mean. Not Wakka.)

So, what else is new? Yunie wants to get married, but is worried that it would have to be a huge political thing. I'm telling her to do whatever she wants, but she's not listening yet.

I'm picking up some gorgeous silk bolts for Dojima. You wouldn't believe the pretty things they make here on Besaid. And I'm gonna see about getting some potions and stuff like that for Arthur's group back home.

I also have a weird question for you. That WRO group that Reeve's running - do they need money? Lots of times, people do, and then other times, they need warm bodies to help a lot more than money, so money doesn't actually help anything. If they do, can you send me their address? I still have money left in my saving-the-world fund. If anyone can put it to good use, they probably can, right?

I keep hearing something funny and thinking, "Gosh, wait till I tell Reno that one." Or seeing something neat and wanting to call you over to look. Missing you sucks, zoto.

Yunie snuck into my hut last night and caught me crying. She doesn't snuggle as well as you do, but she's pretty cozy all the same.

I should go. Petey is trying to chew on my pen, which is why my handwriting is so bad. I mean, it always is, but it's worse right now. You know what I mean, right?

You usually do.

E muja oui. So much, so much, so much.


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